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Now shipping to UK, USA, UAE, Canada & Australia! 🎉
Now shipping to UK, USA, UAE, Canada & Australia! 🎉
Beginner Hand Embroidery Kit

How to get started with hand embroidery if you are an absolute beginner?

As a child, when I started to learn hand embroidery my mother would just give me a rough piece of fabric, some threads, a hoop and a needle to get started with hand embroidery! Draw your favourite shape, choose your favourite colour and that's it. You are all ready to go! I really never thought of how am I actually gonna trace the design or which kind of fabric or even what stitch would I do. Getting started was so easy and I absolutely cherish all those memories. 

Growing up, when I started to explore hand embroidery in detail, I realized we are in a world with a lot of options where deciding to start is often more complex than starting itself. If you have never held an embroidery hoop before and don't know anything about the fabrics or needles, often starting with hand embroidery kits is the best and quickest option.

Beginner Embroidery Kit

Embroidery Kits are nothing but getting yourself all the required embroidery supplies together at one place without the hassle of wondering about what to pick or choose whilst you are starting out. The design comes printed on the fabric and no tracing is required at all. But here comes the dilemma! You are so spoilt for choices between various embroidery designs online that choosing between what you aspire to create always takes over the thought of just starting out! And there you are, still figuring out what to create :)

Easy Embroidery Kit

My advice to all the absolute beginners are to keep it simple & easy!! No need to overcomplicate rather prefer to just start. Well this sounds easy, right? 

    Keeping it easy means choosing to start with the most easiest embroidery stitch such as running stitch or even back stitch. Basically, the only thing you do is go up and down the fabric and get yourself comfortable around using the embroidery equipment to learn stitching.
    Enjoy Embroidery Kit
    Lastly, being able to start an embroidery project and finishing it is the crux of keeping things simple. Finishing a piece is as much important as starting it as it gives a sense of completion and motivates further to do more!
    If you haven't found the right project yet, why not get started with this easy and one stitch enjoy embroidery kit. You can find it here!

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    Harsh - July 4, 2023

    I totally agree with your point around choices… We are spoilt of choices which takes us away from the real fun of actually starting something new.
    And also finishing is a must, else we never get a feeling of achievement which actually motivates us further… Well written

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